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Activity books for kids

Like most kids, your child is probably fascinated by animals. Whether it’s a kitten in a picture book, ants in the yard, a nature show about elephants, a horse on the farm, or a rhinoceros in the zoo, kids can’t get enough of those cute or scary looking, furry or scaly creatures that share our planet. If you are looking into introducing your child into science books for kids, books about animals are sure a good way to start.  We present here a pre-selection of the best and most popular books about animals for kids.


Look for the search inside symbol. It indicates that you will be able to read the first few pages of the book.


preschool-activity-book-i-spy-little-animals preschool-activity-book-i-spy-little-wheels preschool-activity-book-the-little-animal-abc-coloring-book


Click here for a bigger pre-selection. Activity Books for Kids - Preschool

Age 4-8

8-activity-book-how-to-find-flower-prairies 8-activity-book-sticker-activity-abc 8-activity-book-the-original-summer-bridge-activities


Click here for a bigger pre-selection.Science Books for Kids - Animals - Age 4-8

Age 9-12

12-activity-cranium-big-book1 12-activity-kids-road-atlas1 12-activity-ancient-times


Click here for a bigger pre-selection. Science Books for Kids - Animals - Age 9-12

Age 13+

13-activity-mcgrawhill-big-book-of-science-activities 13-activity-big-book-of-boy-stuff 13-activity-klutz-book-of-board-games


Click here for a bigger pre-selection. Science Books for Kids - Animals - Age 13+

blue-book-icon-128x128Science books for kids

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