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The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles Book: Brain Teasers, Games, and Activities

The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book: Brain Teasers, Games, and Activities for Hours of Fun (Everything Kids Series)

For: Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12
Subject: Mathematics
Rating: 4.5 stars (5 reviewers)
Price: $7.95
Page: 135 PAGES
By: Meg Clemens, Sean Clemens, Glenn Clemens

This book is full of fun activities such as decoding Roman numbers and magic squares. Whether it is for home, or for the road, this book will keep children between 9 to 12 years of age entertained and busy. For 7.95$ and over 100 pages, what more can you ask for.  If you and your child liked this book, don’t miss on the other The Everything For Kids series, they are fun, interesting and educational.

Who knew that math could be so cool? Crammed with games, puzzles, and trivia, The Everything® Kids’ Math Puzzles Book puts the fun back into playing with numbers! Inside, you’ll be able to: ·Decode hidden messages using Roman numerals ·Connect the dots using simple addition and subtraction ·Learn to create magic number squares ·Use division to answer musical riddles ·Match the profession to numerical license plates If you have any fear of math—or are just tir (more…)

Math To Know: A Mathematics Handbook

For: Grades 1-3 / Ages 6-8
Subject: Math
Rating: 4.5 stars (6 reviews)
Price: $26.60
Page: 483 pages
By: Mary C. Cavanagh

This book is one that every elementary school teacher, parent or grand parent should have on their book shelf.  When you seem to can’t explain a math concept to a child, you can simply rely on Math to Know to help you, which will do a super job and will put those concepts in terms easy to understand. A wonderful reference tool for all adults who have to deal with children every day. teachers. The entire series is a must for all teachers of Math. more…

Math books for kids

Tip: When book shopping, make sure to include your child in the process. Select a few quality books and ask you child  what book he or she likes. Hence, he or she will help you find the right books for them and  chances are that they will be more interested in the book.  For younger kids, remember that the best math books are the ones that have colorful illustrations and incorporate letters and numbers onto each page. We present here a pre-selection of the best and most popular  math books for kids.


Look for the search inside symbol. It indicates that you will be able to read the first few pages of the book.


Learning Block Books

$24.95 $16.47
One Moose, Twenty Mice

How Many Snails?

Learning Block Books



Age 4-8

Brain Quest Workbook

$12.95 $9.97
Brain Quest Workbook
$12.95 $9.97
Math Curse

$17.99 $12.23
Times Tables the Fun Way



Age 9-12

Math Doesn’t Suck

$15.00 $9.75
40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can’t Resist

$15.99 $10.87
The Complete Book of Algebra & Geometry

$14.95 $10.17
The Number Devil

$19.00 $12.92

Age 13+

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