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Pokemon and science, a good addition to Science books for kids


After establishing itself in the playground, video games have already made some attempts to trespass the school classrooms doors. In the United Kingdom, teams of researchers, helped by staff working in educational fields, had already considered the application of interactive video game in education, a field that is in constant need of new ways to keep students interested. Hence, these needs are clear and accurate because education is never stingy in new technologies if they are able to attract more students, although when you start talking about video games, ministries of education are usually less than receptive to those new ideas. However, a new initiative puts the issue on the table, and this is happening in the United States. More surprisingly, it is the famous Nintendo Pokemon that has been selected for a new curriculum developed by the National Institute of Aerospace and the Nortel LearniT firm in partnership with Nintendo in order to educate students to the fundamentals of science. Thus, many online exercises, tutorials and lessons are designed to teach the basics of science by using the world of Pokemon.

This is in no way a mandatory program, but an initiative also supported by overseas representatives of national education systems. The courses will be accessible to all, and parents should also be informed of their existence because it is a priori a type of learning that can be done, to some extent, independently by the child. It is important to remember that books are still the best way to teach science to children. However, the use of online and interactive video games can help reinstitute the interest of children for science.

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