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How to choose a good science book for kids?

Note: It is now possible to have a look inside most books before purchasing it online. Our vast selection of science books for kids and more allow you to judge the book by the content, and not by the cover, from the comfort of your home!

Note: The level of reading varies considerably for each individual kid. Our ‘age range’ acts only as a rough guide, you know your child best, therefore you are a the best judge.

This article applies to all type of books, math books, history books, stories books, etc.

When it comes time to choose science books for kids, more children will take the biggest, the smallest or the one with the most attractive cover. In fact, the children selection criteria of children rarely have anything to do with their reading skills or the content of the science books for  kids. However, if the level of the book is the easy, it may not help the child improve their skills and knowledge, and conversely, if the level of the science books for kids is too difficult, the child is likely to become discouraged and give up reading. In order to help a child learn while keeping their interest, you have to help your kid select a book that will allow them to be able to understand and appreciate the science book but that will also slightly exceed the reading skills of children, in order to improve their skills and overall knowledge.

Your child may not like your taste in science books for kids, but it certainly is not a wise choice to let your children choose educational books by themselves. Most books come with an age guide. However, it can be difficult to assess the level of writing and quality of the science book for kids by reading only the title and the abstract of the book.

How can ensure that the science books for kids is adequate for your child?

Before purchasing a new science book for kids, have your child read a random page from the book. When your child gets to a word he has difficulty reading or does not understand the meaning, make them lift a finger. If all five fingers are raised before the child has finished reading the entire page, it is a sign that the science books for kids is probably too difficult for level of reading and understanding of the child. On the other hand, if your child does not lift a finger throughout the reading of the page, the book is probably too easy. Two or three fingers indicate that the science books for kids is perfect for for your child and will offer a nice balance between fun and challenge!

For a child to enjoy reading, it is necessary to purchase science books for kids that will capture his interest.  Therefore your child is more likely to prefer a book with a nice design, bright pictures and fun illustrations. If the book is too boring or hard to understand, your child will quickly lose focus and stop reading. In order to support your child progress, make sure to pick science books for kids that has a nice text flow and lots of pretty illustrations.

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