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Me and My Place in Space (Dragonfly Books) (Paperback)

Me and My Place in Space (Dragonfly Books)
For: Kindergarten – Grade 3 / Ages 4-8
Subject: Space
Rating: 4.5 stars (12 reviews)
Price: $6.99
Page: 32 pages
By: Joan Sweeney

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 2-The creators of Me on the Map (Crown, 1996) trump Robin Hirst’s My Place in Space (Orchard, 1990) by adding a tour of the solar system to their young narrator’s cheery recitation of her place in the universe. Donning an imaginary space suit and dashing off childlike crayon drawings as she goes, the russet-haired tour guide takes viewers past the Moon, Sun, and each planet, then out to the Milky Way and beyond. At each stop, she furnishes (more…)

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