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Science books for kids

Note: It is now possible to have a look inside most books before purchasing it online. Our vast selection of science books for kids and more allow you to judge the book by the content, and not by the cover, from the comfort of your home!

Note: The level of reading varies considerably for each individual kid. Our ‘age range’ acts only as a rough guide, you know your child best, therefore you are a the best judge.

The big question of all parents when buying a book is what to look for when buying science books for kids.

So, what makes a science books for kids good?

Science books tends to communication information in a practical almost robotic way. Obviously, this is a very functional approach for the person who is doing research or looking for facts. However, this same approach does too little when it comes to teach science, the process of scientific thinking or to communicate the passion or interest of the researchers/scientists for their topic.

So good science books for kids should have more than informative facts. You probably would not enjoy reading a full encyclopedia, so won’t your kids. Good science books for kids have the facts, but also show how beautiful, complex and interconnected life is not only with other living things, but also with its environment. Good science books are written in a manner that helps children develop language and thinking skills.  Science books for kids should allow all children to discover the world around them and also bring in them that inner curiosity for novelty and not demean children will for discoveries.

When assessing science books for kids, parents and tutors needs to look at:

  • Writing style (language, how stories are being told, how descriptive is the content)
  • Graphic style (appeal of the images/pictures/illustrations, relevance)
  • Style and positioning of the text vs the illustrations
  • Design of the book (how appealing will it be to your kids)
  • Accuracy

There is an enormous number of books on the market for the kids, which often come in series. If you purchase a science book for kids that is part of a series, before buying other books from that series, make sure to the check the content, as not all books from a series are equally good.

The level of reading for each kid will vary considerably between each child, so the indication of age levels on science books for kids is only a rough guide, you know your child the best and you are the best judge.

Science books for kids

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