Fun | Science Books For Kids - Best Of 2011
Grossology (Paperback)


For: Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12
Subject: Human biology, funny book
Rating: 5 stars (10 reviewers)
Price: $9.99
Page: 80 PAGES
By: Sylvia Branzei (Author) & Jack Keely (Illustrator)

This book is a classic of modern gross scholarship… If you have kids and can’t get them to read books (whether it’s science books for kids, or any other types of books), this will probably become your child’s favorite book. Kids are simply nuts over that book, which has an impressive array of information on fun subjects, such as barf, farts, BO, burping, bad breath and everything else boys seem to just love. The book is so interesting, especially to boys, that there won’t be any complain when reading time comes! And what to say about your happiness when you will see your boy or girl laugh hysterically at the images and comments. Definitely a must have book for any child.